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Constantly changing legislation and regulations, certification requirements and market requirements make it necessary for companies and organisations to deal with this efficiently, effectively and correctly. With our GRCcontrol software modules you have current control over your Privacy, Governance, Risk, Compliance & Certification requirements.

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We have been able to offer dozens of customers the best risk management and compliance functionality. Take a look at the cases to get a better understanding of our work.


The foundations of the Dimence Group offer mental health, welfare and social services, close to the patient and client. Heliomare gives professional attention to the areas: Rehabilitation, Work integration, Education. Exercise and Sport. Both care institutions. The customer's question: "We wanted to comply with NEN7510 (Information security) for healthcare institutions and were looking for supporting tooling". GRC-Control proved to be the... View Article

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I-FourC manages archives and digitises files in a secure manner. With the latest technology: uniform and secure. Customer demand: We were looking for an Information Security Management System, because at that time we switched to certification for ISO27001. Information Security is used across the board within I-FourC. What are the ambitions of I-FourC and how does it... View Article

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CompLions-GRC customers about the benefits of working with the GRC tooling certifications have a reputation for being labour and time intensive. The GRC tooling of CompLions-GRC proves that things can be done differently. Two customers, Odin Groep and Cyso, share their experiences with this Dutch service. Under the flag of the Odin Group, several companies are involved. The data centres of Odin Group are.. View Article

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Smart partners

For advice, implementation and/or on-the-job guidance of our tool, we work together with experienced partners, with the right expertise and knowledge of your processes and your challenges. Below you will find some of your partners. For an overview here!!

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Many organizations, both national and international, now use our software for privacy, security, governance, risk and compliance management.