About CompLions-GRC

CompLions-GRC was founded in 2008 and has developed an integrated management platform, focused on GRC objectives and requirements. We specialize in developing software for Governance, Risk and Compliance management, its management systems and the path of Integrated Risk Management. In addition, we support organizations to implement these laws and regulations and imposed standards frameworks, based on the desired organizational objectives.



Always in Control. This applies to every company that wants to and must comply with current laws and regulations.


CompLions believes that every organization should be able to record, control, control and monitor its GRC objective in the right way and according to its own insight and needs, in accordance with its own laws and regulations or sector-specific guidelines. This means: complete, safe, accessible and correctly recorded. CompLions-GRC has developed an intuitive management tool for this purpose and rolled it out nationwide. We are working on global coverage.

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