Dimence Groep

Dimence Groep

The foundations of the Dimence Group offer mental health, welfare and social services, close to the patient and client. Heliomare gives professional attention to the areas: Rehabilitation, Work integration, Education. Exercise and Sport. Both care institutions.

The customer demand:

“We wanted to comply with NEN7510 (Information security) for healthcare institutions and were looking for supporting tooling. GRC-Control turned out to be the best answer to this question.”

What are Dimence/Heliomare’s ambitions and how does CompLions-GRC help with this?

As a healthcare institution, we want to and must comply with certain NEN standards and any associated certification. In addition to the tooling, we are also assisted by CompLions with regard to the use of the tooling. We use the CompLions-GRC tooling to show the management how we are doing, but also for risk analyses, control and improvement tasks and reports. The results of the annual internal and external audits are also recorded in the software. CompLions-GRC makes information clear, transparent and shows where measures need to be taken.

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