Amphia Hospital

Timo Schipperen

How has the Amphia Hospital organised its grip on continuity?

Timo Schipperen shows with pride and enthusiasm that he is “In Control”.

He shows a doughnut chart that is completely green in colour. This is the graph of the dashboard of GRCcontrol, the GRC solution of CompLions-GRC. He uses this software to manage a number of standards that apply to the hospital. In this case, he has selected the NEN7510 standard. Timo has also introduced and related standards himself. These include standards with an entire book as thick as a telephone book. The standards they maintain in GRCcontrol are NEN7510, ISO27000, AVG privacy, CMT Medical Technology Covenant, GMP-Z Good Manufacturing Practice Care for the Pharmacy, IGZ Healthcare Inspectorate (including VMS), JCI Joint Commission International quality standards framework, NTA Dutch Technical Appointment, VMS Safety Management System, Post-operative and Pre-operative. The use of GRCcontrol avoids duplication of measures, because many measures from the different standards overlap. “This saves a lot of paperwork and administrative burden”, says Timo.

What does it mean to be “In Control”?

“In control” means that you know what measures you have taken to comply with the set standards and thus prevent vulnerabilities and risks. So that you comply with laws and standards. It also means that you continue to monitor all measures and carry out improvement actions so that you also remain “in control”. It is an ongoing process with Planning, Doing, Checking and Executing (Plan-Do-Check-Act) in which the process is safeguarded. The measures are checked by means of internal and external controls (audits). With certification on a standard you can prove that you meet the standard. Certification is also becoming more and more a requirement in the healthcare sector and is thus becoming much easier.

Do you need special software to keep track of everything?

At first you can use Excel, but at some point you get stuck when using it. I can’t do anything with Excel anymore.

What about other hospitals?

I think differently. The most important thing is a good commitment from the management. You have to invest in people and in tooling. And because it is software, people think that it falls under ICT. That’s not the case. It is the business organisation in which you map out the entire organisation and all its functions and business processes. It is the interplay of technical and organisational measures. It’s a lot of work and you don’t just add that to it. I work well with our ICT department and receive the necessary support from our management. This makes us “In Control” together.

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