NEN 7510 and GDPR

Grip on the patient and client data with GRCcontrol from CompLions

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Information security in Healthcare will revolve around secure information sharing in 2020

There is a major change in healthcare: the transition to digital information sharing with client and patient. For example, every Healthcare Facility must provide online access to the patient or client in their own file via a Personal Health Environment (PHE). It must also be recorded which healthcare providers had access to a file (logging). What does this mean in practice and how do you ensure a safe service in your organization?

Patient and client are given directing roles

Exactly how the PBL should be set up has also been determined. For example, electronic access must be provided free of charge and the times when the medical data have been consulted by healthcare providers must be recorded. All requirements are laid down in the Client Rights Act for the Electronic Processing of Data in Healthcare, the Dutch Wabvpz act, the GDPR and the NEN 7510/7512/7513 standards, which makes setting up and maintaining them a real task.

Good GRC tooling makes implementation easier

Compliance with the GDPR and NEN7510/12/13, or even obtaining certification, is an extensive task. To be successful, many teams in your organization will need to adjust their daily routines depending on whether information security has previously been addressed. This is only possible with sufficient support and a simple improvement process, so that an integrated approach is created. Spreadsheets are less suitable for this, but GRC tooling is!

Get in control with GRCcontrol from CompLions!

GRCcontrol is the simplest software for complying with NEN7510 (and NEN7512 & NEN 7513). This allows all teams to work together on the same inventories and points for improvement so that you can replace all individual reports and spreadsheets with one central file.

GRCcontrol offers “best practice” improvement suggestions for all requirements, with which you can easily improve your quality level. All actions are also immediately stored in an audit trail, with which you can work unnoticed on your reports for supervisors and certifiers. Finally, all input is bundled in simple dashboards, giving you real-time insight into your quality level and risks.

NEN7510 and GDPR in one tool

But that’s not all. GRCcontrol also has an additional GDPR module, with which you can work on your GDPR compliance in addition to the NEN 7510/12/13. And with the unique “Map once, comply to many” functionality, all overlapping requirements are doubled in advance, saving you up to 70% time on your compliance processes!

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