"56% of the security specialists lost control"

How do you regain control of the information security?

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Information security incidents have been in the news frequently. Documents with privacy-sensitive information that leaves employees lying around, open servers for months, undetected malware within the corporate network; the security policy leaves much to be desired at many companies. Around 56% of a large group of CEO’s say that their security specialist has lost control. How is that exactly? And more importantly, how do they regain control?



Reports from consultancies such as Capgemini and KPMG confirm that many organizations indeed have little control over their data security. The accountability for this often appears to be fragmented and many temporary solutions are used to close gaps. Moreover, they lack a future-proof policy.

Shared responsibility

Many organizations pretend that they have their security issues in order. After all, they employ all kinds of experts who are involved with this? And that’s why it often goes completely wrong.
Because in practice it turns out to be pieces of policy that are placed with different departments, such as Legal, HR, finance and IT. ‘Experts’ who work side by side prove not to be well equipped to perform to do the task due to insufficient knowledge, guidance or availability.

The result: a jumble of documents and spreadsheets, with hundreds of proposed measures, in which each organizes matters for its own part and departments only define their own compliance in standards and frameworks. The big picture is missing.


Fortunately, more and more directors are realizing that they are better off hiring a competent security specialist. But he loses his way completely because of such a fragmented policy. Of course, he first consults all departments to get all information and current statuses to the surface. Often enough, he is soon confronted with personnel who are responsible but do not have all the pieces of the puzzle ready.

Time consuming

Add to that insufficient financial and steering resources and you understand that such a specialist is unable to do his job properly. Moreover, most of them spend more than 80% of their time on operational matters alone. Not only are they simply too expensive for that, but they also lose the overall overview. As a result, they cannot or insufficiently provide directors with strategic and tactical advice, nor can they provide complete steering information about risks and control of the compliance objectives.

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No current picture

Ideally, security specialist are only involved in tactical and strategic advice and must be able to immediately take the right measures if something goes wrong. In order to act proactively and decisively, strong monitoring and control is therefore indispensable. Plus, the tools that allow you to keep an integral track of all related processes. GRCcontrol from CompLions currently offers one of the best tools for this.

Complete security management

In summary, GRCcontrol is a software package that records and simplifies all internal risk, compliance and quality management. In addition, it offers companies the necessary structure in the maze of rule sets, laws and quality standards.

Organization-wide, this tool keeps track of which tasks need to be done in terms of security management and to whom it has been assigned. GRCcontrol also monitors whether this is actually carried out. Because the software also detects overlaps between measures, you can immediately secure them in several places in the organization, which saves a lot of time.

This allows you to work proactively on the security of data, immediately identifying how many people are working on the same tasks and thus preventing different departments from doing unnecessary duplication. This also indirectly saves a lot of costs.

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Best Practice

The GRCcontrol offers also deepening. For example, when you don’t know how best to respond to an incident that occurs, more than a hundred Best Practices have been incorporated into the system that provides all kinds of knowledge and possible solutions for certain situations.

Specialist who have been working with GRCcontrol for a while now indicate that it saves them a lot of operational work and that they can now fully focus on what they have brought into the company for.

Roll out at your own pace

The implementation in the organization is always customized. It is completely aligned with what applies to an organization, including the measures that go with it. If an organization wants to start immediately, they can. Because you can start with a minimal set of necessary measures and introduce them in a dosed and phased manner. Then you have an excellent base that you can easily expand later.

Simple and clear

Most organizations are not looking for a complicated, legally embedded tool. Fortunately, GRCcontrol is not. It’s written by subject specialists for subject specialist and is designed in such a way that departments such as HR and Finance are also included in regulations and procedures in a simple and intuitive manner. Users receive simple tasks, clear overviews, there are built-in checks and the tool always provides real-time insight into the state of affairs. Exactly what security specialists need today.