Customer Care Program

For a strong and lasting relationship

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Customer Care Program

For a strong and lasting relationship

How does CompLions deal with guiding clients?

When you become a customer of us, the Customer Care process starts immediately. This is a process in which customers are guided to integrate the tool GRCcontrol in the right way within your own organization. Every CompLions customer will be assigned a consultant who will guide you through our implementation roadmap.

The purpose of the program is to assist the users of our  GRCcontrol-tool on a regular basis to ensure that the tool can be used optimally.

In addition, we have a Customer Success employee who will contact you at scheduled times to discuss the status of GRCcontrol. If you have something to report or specific questions, you can always call our Customer Success employee.

The Customer Care program means that we give our customers 2 days per calendar year of free support to ask additional questions about the GRCcontrol-tool.

To be ‘In Control’ in a professional way, that is for everyone’s interest for which GRCcontrol can be used! Where you, as a customer, can demonstrate the many advantages of e.g. the deepening and broadening with regard to the additional purposes, which can lead to an increase of the support within the organization.

For more functional questions we have a Service Desk where tickets can be deposited (this can also be done by phone between 8:00 – 18: 00 hours) and we have a Knowledge Base with handy videos, step-by-step plans and manuals to help you implement GRCcontrol within your organization.

Together we will make sure the implementation will be a success by our advice and help with the implementation!

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Smart partners

For advice, implementation and/or on-the-job guidance of our tool, we work together with experienced partners, with the right expertise and knowledge of your processes and your challenges. Below you will find some of your partners.

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