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DiVetro is a strategic consultancy firm that stands for digital progress. It makes organisations smarter and more agile by using new digital possibilities. In order to enable and secure the progress in the customer organization, DiVetro has concluded a partner agreement with CompLions-GRC, supplier of GRCcontrol, software to support governance, risk and compliance issues.

Ron Brouwer, consultant at DiVetro: “The ICT field is in a state of flux, developments are difficult to keep up with and our dependence on it is increasing every day. DiVetro ensures that organizations get and keep a grip on their ICT and that the information management optimally supports the business objectives. We do this by applying a combination of modern, iterative methods and more traditional transition management, information management, information security and project and programme management. Our partner agreement with CompLions-GRC helps us to better support the governance of these processes in general and information security and privacy in particular in customer organizations”.

“With the right tools, we are able to carry out faster and better analyses, which ultimately increases the security of the organization.

With CompLions’ software, GRCcontrol, we are able to quickly and efficiently solve security and privacy issues. Among other things, by setting up an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in a targeted and tailored manner, by setting up more efficient file creation and by keeping it up to date. GRCcontrol will also support us in the area of assessments, planning, the implementation of measures, audits and control tasks. The use of GRCcontrol will also give us more insight into the extent to which the chosen standards are met and the progress that is made in this respect.

“With GRCcontrol, CompLions provides a complete GRC tool for ISMS and AVG purposes. It is a SaaS solution that can be perfectly integrated with other services. CompLions always approaches the market in cooperation with partners. We are pleased with DiVetro as a partner. DiVetro has a customer base that perfectly matches our joint services. The CompLions GRC tooling is particularly suitable for organizations where Governance, Risk, Compliance and Security in combination with transition and professionalization are taken seriously.” According to Harry Beijersbergen van Henegouwen, Partner Manager of CompLions-GRC.


CompLions-GRC is a Deventer-based Dutch company that has been focusing on governance, risk and compliance management systems for many years under the name GRCcontrol. The company provides solutions to governments and companies in every sector. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the various sectors and the applicable standards frameworks and quality requirements for certification, it makes an important contribution to the continuous quality improvement of the business processes and is able to achieve major efficiency gains in certification processes, together with its authorised partners. This gives CompLions-GRC a unique position in the Dutch market (www.complions.com).


DiVetro is an independent strategic consultancy firm. We answer and implement IT-related issues in the field of Analysis, Sourcing and Management. We mainly work on projects in the (semi-)government, healthcare and education sectors. Our consultants all have extensive experience in their field.

Our working method is independent and transparent. We give concrete and honest advice and we keep what we do simple and understandable for all parties involved. In this way we ensure that everyone understands and supports your strategy, your objectives and the changes within your organisation.

Quality and entrepreneurship are central to our company philosophy. We take responsibility, encourage others to do so and thus create an environment in which everyone learns from each other and works together towards a common goal. As a customer, you will reap the rewards of this.

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