Partnership CompLions and KBenP in the field of data and compliance maturity

Deventer, January 2021

CompLions and KBenP join forces to approach the Benelux market with insightful data and compliance tooling.

By entering into the cooperation between CompLions and KBenP, both forces in the field of software development are combined, with the aim of promoting data and compliance maturity. Where KBenP has expertise in the field of information management, digital transformations and IT within organizations, CompLions has expertise in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Together they will serve SMEs, healthcare and government institutions, education, M&A and the insurance industry, among others.

New total product

KBenP and CompLions are starting to jointly approach the Benelux market with tooling that enables entrepreneurs and government to work according to the law. KBenP has developed software with which certifications of employees within organizations are clearly registered. By linking this tooling to the AVG tooling of CompLions, a new total product is created. The combination of the two software solutions of KBenP and CompLions underlines the need that exists in the market and the confidence that the joint solution will meets these needs. This new total product makes it easier for entrepreneurs or government to properly monitor the measures concerning standards and to be compliant. In this way, entrepreneurs can better cover themselves and avoid fines.

CompLions: grip op Governance, Risk en Compliance

CompLions has been supporting companies and governments since 2017 with its smart software in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Nationally and internationally. Since then, they have been able to offer hundreds of clients the best risk management and compliance functionality, where ease of use comes first.

Staying in control and meeting standards

The software solutions of CompLions is aimed at better monitoring compliance maturity and staying ‘in control’. Measures to meet the set standards are better insightful and thus vulnerabilities and risks can be prevented. CompLions supports companies to continue to comply with standards such as ISO, NEN and GDPR.

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