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CompLions-GRC provides insight into the GDPR/AVG jungle

CompLions-GRC, specialist in management systems for governance, risk and compliance management, offers entrepreneurs and governments who are looking for the best solution to be AVG compliant before 25 May 2018. With the help of a survey, it classified the offer and released a practical overview and checklist that is useful for anyone who has lost his or her way in the AVG/GDPR jungle.

“The reason we commissioned the study is that we hear from a striking number of customers and partners that they poorly understand and are confused by the market supply”, says Frans Broekhof, General Manager CompLions-GRC.  The study has shown that there is a huge tangle of offerings. From traditional consultancy to advanced management tooling, everything is presented as the solution. As a result, market parties do not know who to talk to and who can actually help them.


The investigation was carried out by Bureau Terdege. In weeks 4 to 6 of this year, based on online search results and push reports on social media, the Bureau Terdege looked at which companies are mentioned the most. The websites of the 36 most frequently mentioned companies were visited. The purpose of the visit was to make clear whether the offer was understandable and relevant.

The companies turned out to be very different from each other. They could be divided into no less than nine categories. However, most of the categories were not homogeneous. Most striking were the differences in the relevance of the offer to the AVG and the way in which they operate. The first was really not always clear. The second revealed a dividing line between companies that put consultancy first and companies that use IT for more insight and efficiency


Frans Broekhof: “We now understand why customers indicate that they can’t see the wood for the trees and are looking for a practical solution. It had to be a solution that offers an overview and takes work off their hands.” This led to the decision to make the study available as a download and to provide a checklist. The checklist lists the questions that are relevant for everyone involved with the AVG and looking for a reliable supplier and partner. The checklist was drawn up on the basis of this specific AVG study, but can also be used if a choice has to be made for management tools or tools for quality improvement.

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