CompLions offers a special “Summer” deal for every new customer!

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Summer deal from CompLions

There is a lot involved in an organization because of the many different processes. Many organizations still use separate spreadsheets, especially in the reports. As a result, you have to do a lot of duplication and chances are that you will lose the overview. 

With CompLions’ smart GRCcontrol tool we help your organization to iWith the smart GRCcontrol tool from CompLions we help your organization to integrate all information security processes in one overview, allowing you to control all requirements from one central place. This saves time and money and you are demonstrably ‘in control’!

For each new customer we offer a total solution to collectively address your We offer every new customer a total solution to jointly tackle your oWe offer every new customer a total solution to jointly tackle your objectives, for example, Information Security and/or Privacy or otherwise. Instead of flooding each other with different Excels, documents, emails, or using a tooling that can only do one trick, GRCcontrol is just one tool that fixes all.

You can opt for a primary standards framework such as ISO27001 and/or the BIO, whereby as a special deal the AVG/GDPR or ISO 27701 and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity) are also included as standards frameworks, including best practice measures and mapping to the primary standard are added, free of charge.

To make it complete, we also offer the following free of charge:

  • 1 day “train-the-trainer” course for 1 person;
  • 2 days “on-the-job” support.

So that your organization quickly and above all very pragmatically learns to So that your organization quickly and above all very pragmatically learns to set up the tooling according to your own wishes and insight, in order to achieve your compliance objectives.

In short, this offer is complete so you can quickly and completely get started with GRCcontrol. 

Also ask for our special pricing which is grafted for:

  • SME                [based on the number of employees]
  • Education       [based on the number of employees]
  • Branches        [based on the number of participants]
  • Governances [based on the number of inhabitants]

If you are not yet a client and the ISO27001 and/or the BIO is of added value to your organization, you can contact our administration on telephone number: 0570 – 634717 for more information, visit our website

Together, we put together the best possible package to help your organization move forward.  

This deal is valid until September 22nd 2020!

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For advice, implementation and/or on-the-job guidance of our tool, we work together with experienced partners, with the right expertise and knowledge of your processes and your challenges. Below you will find some of your partners. For an overview here!!

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