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Save time and get a grip on your Risk & Compliance processes with 1 handy tool for any organization, regardless of industry or size.

1. Governance

With our governance functionality you demonstrate that you handle your internal control of information security with care and that you guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability as laid down in ISO 27001, NEN, NIST and BIO.

  • Management at various levels
  • 3-lines of defense
  • A proven solution for over 10 years
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So you can easily comply with laws and regulations

2. Risk

Prevent problems
With our tool you can monitor your GRC related problems. This allows you to prevent many problems and gives your company control over the most important processes, the possible risks and consequences thereof.

For the employees and management
Processing assessments from the management system and selecting measures to control the risks are made clear and efficient. This way you have control and save time.

Proving technology with remote auditing reporting
> 10 years the best partners such as KIWA, BSI, DEKRA and TUV.

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This way you keep control over your risk processes.

All your GRC & IRM in 1 easy-to-use tool

  • Save 70% of your time
  • Real time insights into your real risks
  • 10 years of best practice examples

3. Compliance

You save time by smart deduplication on compliance, stricter quality requirements, standards and laws and regulations. This way you can quickly map everything out and – more importantly – demonstrate that you are working in accordance with the applicable law.

  • Insight into how you achieve your objectives
  • Easy dashboard & task overview
  • Best practice for smart deduplication in task
  • Standard digital filing for your audits
  • Process assurance with burden of proof for your stakeholders
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All solutions in one system

4. Certifications

Provide evidence to your stakeholders
As a company, you must pursue certain ISO certifications within your strategic objectives. GRCcontrol supports all ISO standards including industry specific guidelines.

Obtain and maintain your certification easily
You get all the necessary functionalities by default to make it run smoothly. The tool gives you insight and instructions on what you still need to do to obtain or maintain your certification.

New! Proving technology with remote auditing reports
Since April 1, 2020 we can serve certifiers such as KIWA, BSI, DEKRA and TUV from our digital data room! This allows you, as the client, to place all your burden of proof at the disposal of your certified organization.

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Audits Plan, go through and repeat

Risk monitoring From risk analyses

Audits Plan, go through and repeat

(Data) Protection Impact Analyses Performing it

Third party registration Establishment of a central processing register

Protocols Developing/recording data and privacy protocols

Incident managementReport, assess and record

GAP analyses Performing it

Dashboards & ReportsBring it all together clearly

Deduplication By mapping regulations & standards as best practices

5. Privacy

As an entrepreneur you have to comply with the new privacy legislation (AVG/GDPR). Our information management system is the egg of Columbus! You create a digital file with a reverse burden of proof. This way you can easily comply with laws and regulations.

  • Real-time insight into all your responsibilities
  • Your organization in control anytime, anywhere
  • All tools to comply with the reversed burden of proof
  • Easy to keep track of your processing operations register
  • Best practice on technical and organizational measures
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6. Standardization

Use standards frameworks as “best practice”

You can use various standards frameworks as best practices. You do this with an underlying measure and a threat set. Think of frameworks such as ISO, NIST and BIO. In addition, you have complete freedom to add your own standards, SLA’s and industry-specific guidelines.

  • Management at different levels
  • A proven solution for over 10 years
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Looking for specific solutions?

We have tailor-made solutions for different industries or specific problems


Keep a grip on patient ant client data and comply with the GDPR & NEN7510/12/13.

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Government information security. This is how you comply with the GDPR and the BIO.

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ISO 27701

With our solutions you can easily and quickly comply with GDPR & ISO 27701.

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Business Continuity

ISO22301:2019 the new standard for your business continuity.

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Information security

With our solutions you can easily and quickly comply with GDPR & ISO, NIST & NEN7510/12/13.

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An integrated risk management (IRM) system to prevent damage.

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"Real-time overview for management"

"Excel does nothing for an organization. It does not provide management with a total, real-time overview. With GRC control you are guided by the required demonstrable process assurance. We notice this especially in the structured and manageable execution of the guidance. Excel does nothing!"

Amphia Ziekenhuizen

“Continuous insight into whether we are in control”

“If we have to go back to separate spreadsheets, we'll lose twice as much time. The GDPR entitles people to insight and audits. GRCcontrol offers us continuous insight into whether we are in control!”

Sven Visse, Founder & Managing Partner
CYSO Managed hosting

“Now we have support in our organization”

“The set-up of GRCcontrol ensures a high level of acceptance and support within the organization. Everyone can see at a glance what is expected of him/her with regard to quality assurance tasks.”

Roy Peters. Quality & Privacy Officer Archive-IT

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