GRCcontrol Information Security Management System for end users

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GRCcontrol Information Security Management System for end users

1 day of training

The Information Security Management System was developed as a module on the GRCcontrol software. With the GRCcontrol software you can implement the control of standards, management systems and, for example, laws and regulations step by step in a simple, fast, cost-efficient and modular way.

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The training aims to familiarize the student with the basic GRC functionalities and the module ‘Information Security Management System’.

This requires the basic knowledge of GRC & management systems in general or a comparable level of knowledge.

The training provides specific information about the operation of functionalities related to the GRCcontrol software and the Privacy Management System and covers the following topics:
– Basic setup and configurations related to PDCA;
– Setting up standards frameworks (AVG/GDPR, Privacy Baseline etc.) and set of measures;
– Privacy Impact Assessment;
– Incident and risk management;
– Implementation plan, delegation of tasks, execution and approval;
– Effectiveness, compliance and external audit;
– Dashboard & Reports.

All subjects are carried out and analyzed by means of group assignments. As a result of which the student has the basic knowledge to guarantee privacy aspects within the organization.

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