GRCcontrol Data Protection Management System for end users

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GRCcontrol Data Protection Management System for end users

1 day of training

The Data Protection Management System has been developed as a module on the GRCcontrol software. With the GRCcontrol software you can implement the control of local or European privacy laws and regulations in a simple, fast, cost efficient and modular way. You can easily demonstrate the control to your management, stakeholders, auditor and regulators.

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The training is not only theoretical but also practical. The training not only makes use of theory but GRCcontrol is also practiced in a course environment. This is done using assignments in which the participants have to perform actions in GRCcontrol. Examples of actions are adding and removing business units, resources and processes but also making objectives, performing risk analyses and risk treatments, and linking measures to achieve these objectives.

As a participant, you will first receive a piece of theory on the subject, then carry out the related assignment. In this way, the theory is immediately applied in practice and any ambiguities or questions can be explained immediately. The used course environment remains available for at least another month after the training so that the user can practice and test it without polluting their environment. The training environment and the training assignments are provided by CompLions-GRC. To be able to follow the training optimally, a laptop is necessary.

Below are the parts that will be discussed during the training.

  • Fixture and configuration
  • Standards and measures
  • Preparation privacy management
  • Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA)
  • Register of processing operations
  • PDCA-cyclus
  • Incident management
  • Internal and external audit management
  • Reports & dashboarding


Knowledge base and additional information

After attending the training the participants gain access to the knowledge base where additional information about GRCcontrol can be found. Think of the manual, various practical documents and various e-learning modules to help the participant further on his way. Also, the participants are sent the presentation and the assignments that were used during the training.

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